30 Most Notable Launches of 2007


Medical Tourism

You’ve seen the reports on TV, you’ve read some of the stories in the papers, now you will have an entire magazine devoted to the topic. Medical Tourism, the new monthly publication that debuts this October, will be distributed free to the “50 million uninsured in America and also to those decision makers in US healthcare.”

Jonathan Edelheit, the president of the Medical Tourism Association told me in an e mail that the magazine and the organization are “dedicated to helping to solve the American HealthCare crisis by providing the 50 million Americans without insurance information on going overseas to foreign countries for surgery and healthcare, where the prices are almost 80% less and the quality of care is equal to the United States.”

“Many Americans die each year or live in pain because they do not know going overseas is a viable option.”

The magazine will cover issues “such as the quality of care overseas, legal issues with seeking medical care overseas, the cost of care, and even exposing things such as why the same manufacturer of parts for a hip replacement charges $9,000 in the US, but only $2,000 in India for the same parts.”

So, the next time you are in need of healthcare, why not plan a trip to ease the pain (of both yourself and your pocket book) and increase the gain of the world being flat.

To your health will gain a brand new meaning after you read an issue of Medical Tourism.


Renee-Marie Stephano

1. What do you consider the single most important achievement your magazine has accomplished in today’s marketplace?
We are the first trade journal on medical tourism offering valuable information never offered before in the areas of legal issues, economic issues and state of the art health procedures with articles written by experts in the industry as opposed to news reporters.

2. Looking back, what was the most important hurdle you were able to overcome?
As a non-profit, budget was the largest hurdle, attempting to obtain advertisers in a brand new magazine in an industry that is also in its infancy.

3. What was the most pleasant surprise?
Absolute 100% positive feedback after the very first issue.

4. What is the biggest challenge you are facing today?  Enlarging the distribution while maintaining the high quality.

5. Imagine you have a magic wand and you can strike the magazine and make it human? Describe that human being.
The magazine would look like a woman.  As the industry grows, she grows with it.  Attractive on the outside and full of surprises on the inside, she remains constant to her nature and design, but adaptable enough to address any challenges that come her way.   

6. The number of new magazine launches has been on a steady increase. What advice do you offer to someone wanting to start a new magazine?
Do not take too much outside advice on the style of the magazine.  Stay true to your heart and your first impression of what it should look like and stick to it.  Always be open to advice on content, but stay true to your original style.

7. Finish this sentence: in 2011 your magazine will be…on a magazine shelf in every book store in America and on the coffee table of the 50 million Americans without insurance.