30 Most Notable Launches of 2007


Mob Candy

With television shoes like The Sopranos and others continuing to feed America’s fascination with the mob, it was only natural that a magazine would come out with the same goal in mind. Mob Candy is that magazine.

“Mob Candy’s focus is on the history and lifestyle of traditional mobs and mobsters that have had a national impact on American history, which includes Jewish, Italian, Irish and possibly other mobs and mobsters as well,” said Mob Candy’s Publisher Frankie D. in his publisher’s note in the beginning of the first issue.

To accomplish this goal, the folks at Mob Candy have provided their readers with articles on such hot topics as fashion, politics, cars, funerals, mistresses, killers and more. It also features hot pictorials of woman for its readers’ viewing pleasure.

Mob Candy is the perfect magazine for the aspiring mobster of the future.