30 Most Notable Launches of 2007


Organic Spa

When Reader’s Digest published Families magazine back in the early 80s, they were able to produce a very high class and good looking magazine. However, advertisers were slow to come and the magazine folded. Years later, Family Fun, Wonder Time and Cookie started doing what Families did and succeeded where Families failed.

The same is true with Rodale’s Organic Style. They were ahead of the times and died before organic became the in thing. Even though Rodale continues to publish Organic Gardening, it fails to offer something to write home about today.

Enter Organic Spa, which takes two growing categories and merges them in to one magazine. The result of this is a magazine that hopes to capture the times, just in time. It hopes to “serve the growing number of consumers committed to integrating personal wellbeing with an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.”

The quarterly is published by Oceans Publishing Company and is available year round through a web-based digital edition. The magazine follows the latest trend of splash pages to introduce its different sections and to help the readers navigate easier through the content.

The four main sections of the magazine are At Home, At Work, At Play and At Rest. Pick up a copy and enjoy it at home, at work, at play or even at rest. Have some organic fun today.


Mary Bemis

1. The most important achievement Organic Spa Magazine has accomplished in today's marketplace is fulfilling a need and creating a new niche.

2. The most important hurdle we were able to overcome? Producing a quality magazine with extremely limited resources.

3. The most pleasant surprise has been the passionate reader response. We receive numerous letters, emails, and telephone calls from readers whose lives we have touched through our mission and content. But I also need to mention our amazing sell-through rate—nearly 100 percent at Whole Food Markets and Barnes and Noble bookstores!

4. The biggest challenge? Continuing to produce a topnotch publication with extremely limited resources.

5. If Organic Spa Magazine was a living, breathing human being, it would look like this: A vibrant woman or man whose age is difficult to discern because she/he has lived and continues to live a meaningful and healthy life. This person makes conscious choices in every aspect of her/his life: from the food she/he eats to the clothing she/he wears to the homes she/he builds and lives in to the vacations she/he takes. This person has high standards and lives life with purpose and integrity.

6. My advice to someone starting a new mag? KNOW YOUR STUFF! Do your research...have a purpose!  Identify a niche and make sure you have an expert team in place. In my case, I've been studying, writing about, and reporting on the spa market for 20 years. I knew there was a consumer need for my magazine—one that would bring the spa lifestyle home...

7. In 2011 Organic Spa Magazine will continue to be the trusted source for living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  It will be a big, fat monthly publication as compelling and unique as it is today.