30 Most Notable Launches of 2007


Our Iowa

Our Iowa is a regional publication about the joy of living in the little Mid-Western state of Iowa. The editors of this publication state that Our Iowa is a magazine “for Iowans by Iowans.”

Well, I have to humbly disagree with that statement.

This magazine is not just for the good people of Iowa, it is for anyone who reminisces about living in the country and the way of life that accompanies living simpler, rural lifestyle. Whether someone lives in North Carolina, Indiana or Mississippi, it does not matter. The content in this magazine will appeal to anyone living in the country, because it is provided by readers from across the state of Iowa that actually live in the country.

This is something that editor Roy Reiman has done, which makes his publication unique. It has given his home state it’s own distinct voice, which is why this magazine is the only regional publication to make it into this year’s top 30 launches.


Roy Reiman

1. What do you consider the single most important achievement your magazine has accomplished in today’s marketplace?

With the launch of Our Iowa magazine we’ve proven that--contrary to what we’re currently hearing in the marketplace--people still do love magazines and will pay a healthy subscription price if the publication is well-done and offers material they can’t find elsewhere.

2. Looking back, what was the most important hurdle you were able to overcome?

Since our goal was to convince people to subscribe first, and sell ads second, we hoped for a quick response, and got it. We received an incredible 27% paid response to the mailing of our Premiere Issue, and nearly half of those were for 2 years right out of the box.

3. What was the most pleasant surprise?

The fact that 27,000 people out of the 100,000 who received a sample copy would sign on that quickly, especially since this was a hard offer of cash or credit card only, no bill-me’s.

4. What is the biggest challenge you are facing today?

Getting advertisers to buy into this success.

5. Imagine you have a magic wand and you can strike the magazine and make it human? Describe that human being.

I pass on this one.  That’s just a far-out question I’d rather not spend time on.

6. The number of new magazine launches has been on a steady increase. What advice do you offer to someone wanting to start a new magazine?

Study the market and come up with something truly unique. Keep your readers looking forward to “new ideas” in each issue, and contrary to the save-money-by-printing-it-on-anything approach of many magazines today, shock your readers by printing it on the best stock you can find. Doing so will make your magazine stand out more today than ever.

7. Finish this sentence: in 2011 your magazine will be…

Hopefully have twice as many subscribers and twice as many advertisers.