30 Most Notable Launches of 2007


The Journal of Life Science

Rarely does a magazine come onto the marketplace with a price of ten dollars that provides readers with content worth such a hefty price. Well, here's the exception.

The Journal of Life Sciences is an internationally distributed bi-monthly magazine. It is a joint venture between the California Healthcare Institute and Burrill Life Sciences Media Group, and it is well worth its ten dollar per issue price.

The publisher's of this magazine want it to be a forum for the most important topics in business, science, politics and society. With this in mind, they have achieved their goal as this publication provides readers with a high-level overview, debate and analysis that are presently missing in the marketplace.

The publisher's are targeting industry leaders and decision makers as potential consumers. The content of the magazine is clearly defined and developed with an incisive and intelligent editorial style that is thoughtfully committed to its niche, making it the place to go for debate and analysis.