30 Most Notable Launches of 2007



Sooner or later everything goes to the dogs, even magazines. WAG continues the trend of dog magazines making the top 30 launches of the year. But WAG is not your typical dog magazine.

WAG is about canines in California’s wine country, and while at first glance that may seem like an odd, incompatible combination, WAG makes it work seamlessly.

Little is known outside of wine country of the role that dogs play in vineyards, the editors of WAG took this little known fact and created a magazine that not only features dogs, but features the lush, beautiful countryside they live and play in.

The Napa Valley offers canines special amenities, and WAG covers these in its premiere issue.

WAG celebrates canine luxury in the Napa region with articles on doggy spas, luxury canine hotels and even holistic veterinarians. WAG, simply put is a light, fun magazine that dog lovers will enjoy reading.