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First Home
Cover Price: Complimentary

The editors of Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine unveil their latest creation. First Home is regional publication devoted to first time homeowners in Atlanta intimidated by the idea of decorating their first house. First Home provides tips on home décor and provides easy to find resources in Atlanta. First Home is attempting to capture the 25-40 year-old age market in the Atlanta area with articles on art for the home, house hunting and whether or not to take a fixer-upper. First Home's premiere edition is complimentary with the next issue of the magazine expected out in September. First Home joins a very crowded market place, but it has been able to carve out a successful niche in the Atlanta home décor market for itself.   Now the question is, can First Home survive on its own?   The early signs seem to head in that direction.   So if you are a First Home buyer in the Atlanta market, pick up a copy, there is a trick or two the magazine will help you with.

Good Food
Cover Price: $4.99

Because I know that most of you are not just hungry for knowledge but for food as well, I present to you Good Food. Good Food is a digest size cooking magazine published by Rodale, and not to be confused with TV Guide Good Food magazine that appeared, and failed, twice on the nation's newsstands a few years ago. This magazine provides consumers with more than recipes. It features menu plans that take the thought process out of deciding what to cook. With easy to prepare ten minute meals and detachable recipe cards, Good Food successfully addresses the needs of busy homemakers who don't have time or the budget to prepare lengthy meals. By tailoring its content to working mothers, this magazine is filling a niche in the epicurean genre. There are many food publications that attempt to cover this market, but to date only a few have been successful in fulfilling the needs of the ever growing working mother market. So, if you are looking for a meal for your family forget the golden arches and try some Good Food for a change.

National Geographic Little Kids
Cover Price: $3.95

With the goal of being a magazine for young explorers ages 3-6, National Geographic Little Kids arrives on newsstands. The people at National Geographic Kids have done an good job of creating a little kids version of their Kids magazine. The content is sure to appeal to kids with a love of animals and a sense of adventure. The puzzles, games and quick facts in this publication serve its niche as a magazine for small kids. It seems that a trend is starting to appear on the nation's newsstands with magazines aimed at the very young wanna-be readers.   Few years ago it was the teen and jr. markets that saw that line extension.   Now, it is the little ones.   Highlights for children launched High Five magazine last year and now National Geographic Kids follow in its tracks. The good news is that those magazines are not only serving a market, they are   insuring a future market for their adult version.  


April 13, 2007


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