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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Atlanta Peach
Cover Price: $5.00

If you didn't already know that Atlanta is a peach of a city, this new title from the publisher of Ocean Drive makes that point clear. But this peach isn't for everyone. Atlanta Peach is a part of a growing trend of magazines geared toward not just the elite, but the people the elite call elite. The content, advertising and overall feel of Atlanta Peach is upscale and is intended for the upwardly mobile socialites of Georgia's major metropolitan area. The layout and photography of Atlanta Peach are beautifully done and make this magazine not only a title the elite can form community around but also a title that the rest of us can pick up and wish we could be a part of.

Beckett Elite
Cover Price: $10.00

From the world's authority on sports memorabilia pricing comes the magazine for the high-end collector. From signed baseballs to a 1928 Notre Dame football helmet, Beckett Elite gives its readers all the information a collector needs to know. The cover price of $10.00 may seem steep at first glance but if you qualify as a collector the magazine is free. But even if you don't qualify as a collector according to Beckett, $10.00 is a bargain for the great magazine you receive for the price. This is more than pictures of products with prices next to them; Beckett Elite has content that will leave even the minor collector or simple sports enthusiast flipping its pages in pleasure. Maybe you can't afford a $250,000 Jim Thorpe jersey, but the 10 bucks will be just as good of an investment for you.

Going Coastal
Cover Price: $4.95

Right off the bat, you have to question any publication willing to use a title so closely resembling the phrase "going postal." And that ominous title seems to be the high point of this new launch. Going Coastal is meant as a vehicle for "inspiration, information and initiation of positive growth" but seems to be a jumble of information with a broad audience and lacking content. Couple that with a layout that doesn't make you want to turn the pages, and you have a recipe for a severely lacking magazine. You can pick this new title up, but I would pass.


Apr. 21, 2006


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