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Brand Extension

The current buzzword is "brand destination"; everybody wants to create a brand and a destination for that brand. We no longer exist in just a pure magazine world with single titles. Established magazine publishers are reaching beyond the pages of their magazines to create other publications that reflect a specific sector of their magazine's audience. It's not a new trend, but we are seeing more of it now than ever before. The three titles that follow are a quick indicator of what to expect in coming months from publishers.

Celeb Diet & Fitness
Cover Price: $3.95

We could only have expected People--after parading celebrities in front of their readers for years and being first in their ever-expanding field--to add to the brand extensions. From Style Watch to Teen People and People en Espanol, People has been very active on the brand extension front. Now People lets you know how the stars you love seeing keeps the bodies you love envying. Typical People layout using graphic photography and typography show off the ways that all of Hollywood's hottest keep toned for the camera.

Chicago Home
Cover Price: $4.99

There is nothing new about Chicago magazine covering the home; now its new spin-off specifically about the home. Chicago magazine has taken its once annual and then biannual home special and launched it as a quarterly title all on its own. Chicago Home speaks "to where you live" as long as that happens to be Chicago. Whether it be a house in Wrigleyville or a spacious downtown apartment in the Loop, this attractive title shows you how to decorate and design your living area. On your way to the home improvement warehouse, make sure this is the first item on your remodeling checklist.

Real Simple Family
Cover Price: $4.50

If you've not heard of Real Simple I don't know where you have been living. Real Simple is on television, in magazines and books and all over the place. Now they are extending their line to test the waters and see if they can make your life a little easier on the family front. It's a challenge but a welcomed challenge for a capable brand. The stark simplicity of Real Simple's design remains exquisite as they lead you through pages of information ranging from children's placemat ideas to organization for the playroom to birthday party ideas. You will have no problem turning the pages of this brand extension.


Apr. 28, 2006


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