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MMA Worldwide
Cover Price: $5.95

The creators of Tapout magazine have launched a new sister title. MMA Worldwide is a new publication dedicated to the world of professional mixed martial arts. Mixed martial art is growing by leaps and bounds and MMA Worldwide is looking to establish itself in this market by being a behind-the-scenes article based magazine. The fighter profiles and the articles on upcoming events are aimed at establishing its niche but the problem this magazine faces is whether there is a large enough market to sustain two magazines covering the mixed martial arts sport. The mixed martial arts field already has several television shows and websites devoted to the sport. MMA Worldwide does not have enough quality content to warrant a second magazine and may soon find itself out for the count.

Cover Price: $4.95

ORE also known as Off-Road Enthusiast is a new quarterly magazine for lovers of off-road driving and racing. But ORE is not for the casual off-road enthusiast; only serious drivers need apply. And this magazine does a great good of providing great content that compliments its niche. Unlike a lot of similar publications that try to mix in too many different elements that dilute their message, ORE is focused on its goal of capturing the off-road enthusiast across the country. Everything is covered from tires to roof lights and everything in-between. Articles on nitrous fuel, motor modification and national competitions are informative and appeal to the hardcore enthusiast. So take ORE out for a drive and enjoy the bumpy ride.

Sew Stylish
Cover Price: $6.99

From the publisher of Threads comes Sew Stylish magazine. Sew Stylish is a quarterly sewing magazine that has the goal of making consumers fall in love with sewing. Sew Stylish has the look and feel of a fashion magazine. It is very well designed and the content does a tremendous job of establishing its niche. Articles on fabric, techniques and fitting help to further develop that niche. The sewing tips and helpful illustrations guide the novice as well as the expert on how to create runway inspired designs. Even though the year is young in terms of new launches, Sew Stylish has set the bar high because of its attention to detail.


March 9, 2007


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