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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

American Art Collector
Cover Price: $6.95

The American artist and the collectors of their work have found their new best friend, in the form of American Art Collector magazine. For a change, the "living" artist takes precedence over the deceased, as American Art Collector focuses on the mainstream painters of today. In addition to showing popular present-day artists, the magazine previews upcoming shows from coast to coast, allowing collectors everywhere a sneak peek at prospective purchases. The pages of American Art Collector are filled with quick, informative artist profiles, tailored specifically toward the collector. In addition to biographical information, each profile features the "investment index" - a quick history of how the artist's works have increased in value, complete with line graphs and price ranges.

Everyday with Rachael Ray
Cover Price: $3.99

Jumping straight from the TV screen and onto the pages of her own magazine, the Food Network's Rachel Ray brings the reader a purely "can-do" publication. No matter your budget or culinary abilities, Ray believes anyone can enjoy good food and fine living, turning "everyday" into more than just another day. From 30-minute meals to profiles of appetizing travel destinations, Everyday celebrates food as not just a necessity, but also a social experience. The publication maintains a consistent and fun feel throughout, providing easy-to-understand recipes and food profiles. Ray has certainly left her stamp on this publication, as her name and likeness can be found everywhere you turn.

Cover Price: $3.99

The number of women having babies beyond 35 is the largest it's been in the last 30 years, creating a unique demographic of mature mothers especially curious about the care of their child and their own body as well. Say hello to Plum, the first magazine to speak to such an audience. Plum covers all the usual issues relating to pregnancy, but is catered to women 35 and older, putting an older spin on this life-producing experience. In partnership with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Plum provides expert advice on prenatal testing, exercise, the proper nutrition, the impending delivery, care for your newborn and even how one should reveal the news to their employer. Visually, Plum is an impressive package, consistent throughout in design and use of vivid images, matching the more mature attitudes and tendencies of its audience. With Plum, being pregnant isn't about pink balloons and colorful cribs, just the beautiful reality and responsibility of bringing a new life into the world.

USA Today Now
Cover Price: $4.95

Personal technology no longer means a telephone and a home computer. Wireless internet, cell phones, mp3 players, blackberries, sidekicks and a plethora of other gadgets make up the juggernaut that is the personal technology industry. USA Today captures the ever-changing world of this consumer paradise in Now - Personal Technology. Packed with the latest news on gadgets and tech issues, Now cuts through the tech jargon and reviews products in an easy-to-digest, consumer-friendly manner, helping readers learn how to "choose & use the best electronics." I just wish it was printed with the same quality the newspaper is.  It can definitely use better paper and printing to keep with the mother ship standards.


Nov. 3, 2005


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