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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Cover Price: $5.95

I've always said our world revolves around three V's: vibrant, visual and virtual. &. is attempting to fulfill all three of these requirements. The editors of &. have made the bold move of launching their magazine in four markets: Dubai, Mumbai, Amsterdam and Miami. &. has invested the future of the magazine in the look and design of its magazine. They succeeded in giving the magazine an interesting look and feel. The spreads are impressive especially with the large format style magazine. In a world where isolated connectivity is becoming the norm rather than the exception, &. is attempting to provide that connectivity with a world that may only exist on your Lay-Z-Boy with a glass of wine in your right hand and the magazine in your left.

Cover Price:$6.95

Spread Magazine gives a new definition for upscale magazines. It is a specialty magazine for consumers with very specific taste. Even if you love art and culture you have to have a very specific taste to love this magazine. Spread is a purely visual magazine, offering a lot for the eye. The magazine features splendid photography shot exclusively for the magazine and showcases the same snobbish approach that is seen throughout the magazine. Spread is a welcome fantasy invitation for those who want a peek into the peephole of an art and culture community that represents less than 1% of the country's population.

The Nest

The Nest, from the creators of The Knot, has the goal of being the new source o f information for newlyweds. The Knot is the leading wedding website, and by creating a magazine that is geared towards newlyweds, The Nest hopes to capitalize on the success of the The Knot. The Nest, unlike so many magazines is using the web to send consumers to the magazine and not just vice versa. The Nest has a great look with well designed spreads. But what sets The Nest apart from the other new launches this year is its content. The Nest has developed its niche and has successfully tailored its content to reach that market. That does not mean that this magazine will not have obstacles to hurdle, the least of which is to recreate itself for an ever evolving audience, it just means this magazines co-founders, Carley Roney and David Liu have a clear understanding of consumer needs. Articles like; Finding the Perfect Dog, Buying the Ultimate Couch and Handling Friends of the Opposite Sex are sure to find an interested audience among newlyweds. The Nest has taken a step in the right direction. First there was The Knot, then The Nest, next will be the home and the children.


October 13, 2006


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