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A View from Across the Pond

I have been saying and will continue to say that specialization is the viable future of our industry. Publishers can no longer afford to launch new magazines looking for circulation figures in the neighborhood of 1 million; instead, the new face of magazines will be heavily niche-targeted titles that may never see more than 10,000 circulation. These specialized magazines have a way to tickle the senses and connect with readers in a way never thought possible.

Case in point: Naples Dog.

Mind you, this is not the same dog you will find in Boca Raton, Hollywood or New York. For those of you that doubt the security of the future of magazines, just wait for the next wave of city titles. These new launches aren’t about doctors or restaurants or entertainment, but rather they are about those cute puppies and feisty felines because everyone wants to know the 10 reasons we love Golden Retrievers of Naples. I think Ericka Basile and her team should be commended for bringing this nice doggy home to us.

Naples Dog does not convince you enough? Well how about RV Xtreme. This isn’t just for the traveler or the RV traveler; instead, this is for the extreme RV traveler. And this ain’t grandpa’s RV. These massive homes on wheels are full of every amenity you could want from hardwood to state of the art appliances and endless gadgets. This is for the most hardcore RV travelers out there. RV Xtreme will arrive at a campground near you in December.

And maybe one more for good measure…
Battling Bucks! is a new hunting magazine that is completely about the “greatest deer fights ever photographed!” Over 80 pages are filled with stories, photos and tips on catching bucks battling it out with full antler-to-antler action.

This is our future. Laser targeted niche publications will become more and more prevalent in our industry. There likely will never be another People, Life or Saturday Evening Post. While People is going strong, it is next to impossible to start another People today and reach the same level of circulation and revenue.

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