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Husni's Double Vision…or Triple, or Quadruple

I don't understand this obsession with split covers. It used to be that a split cover was easily discernable from its counterpart: there would be a different picture or cover lines. Now there may be something so slight as a larger word in one cover line or the switching of the placement of two cover lines. On many covers the differences are so small that it takes me a few minutes to see what is different. Everyone from Wizard to Oprah to Fitness is trying their hand at spilt covers to see what works best with readers. And apparently Dr. Phil and Patrick Dempsey weren't able to make it to the newsstands in some parts of the country by midnight so they were turned into pumpkins.

Best Life (2 covers)

Boca Raton (5 covers)

Fitness (3 covers)

Good Housekeeping (2 covers)

Ladies' Home Journal (3 covers)

O, The Oprah Magazine (3 covers)

Wizard (2 covers)

Woman's Day (2 covers)

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