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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Good Things for Kids
Cover Price: $3.50

It seems as if nothing can stop Martha Stewart. Even after her recent legal troubles, the Martha Stewart empire seems to be powering along as strongly as ever. From her successful magazine to her new talk show and stacks of how-to books, Martha keeps churning out helpful advice. With Good Things for Kids she continues that trend. This new launch is devoted entirely to creative ways to get your kids to eat their food. From miniature hot dogs to sandwiches that look like faces, these fun treats are sure to be nutritious as well as fun for your kids to eat. Cleanly laid out and full of pictures for each item, Good Things for Kids should be the one last item that completes your grocery list.


It used to be that when you had a crush on a girl you would write her a letter or give her a call. Apparently times have changed; now you can just make a magazine. At least that is how it seems with the new launch NYBlondes. This new title doesn't bother with pesky copy or bothersome feature stories. Instead, this magazine is full of page after page (after page) of pictures of Paris Hilton. Of course there are a few other blonde celebrities but 24 of the 40 pages are strictly Paris or mostly Paris. There isn't much to the design of this; it's simply pictures. So if your infatuation with Paris may be borderline obsessive...feel free to enjoy this new launch.


Cover Price:$19.95

I have been preaching the need for expanding our offerings to our readers as their desires and wants change, and Verb is a new launch that shows that those words are not going unheard. This new literary title is quite a drastic change from the often times drab literary quarterlies of black and white copy. Instead, this audioquarterly presents "readers" with some of today's best writers' unreleased original works in CD format. For no more than you would pay for a CD or book Verb offers you both. This new launch is portable just like a magazine but it goes a step further and reads the content for you. At $19.95 this may be more than the average magazine shopper is willing to pay but it may be the type of thing that gets seen more and more at your local newsstand.


Aug. 11, 2006


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