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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Cover Price: $5.95

The first clue you should do some reworking of your magazine is if the title is poorly spelled. Movmnt is a new launch aimed at fashion, dance, music and society but doesn't seem to do any single aspect justice. Movmnt touts itself as a gap-filling , but that gap is hard to define. All is not a complete loss on this launch, though: the photography is wonderfully done and a pleasure to flip through. The photos of the dancers seem to perform on the page and really give a feel for their movement. Where the photography excels, the typography lacks. While the photos move on the page, the type seems to move off the page. Small margins and short, choppy features left me confused and, at many times, lost. I applaud the effort of the editors, but aesthetic changes would make this title a much more enjoyable experience.

Cover Price: $4.95

Shattered is a magazine aimed at women in business and was created in the hopes of enabling its readers to break the glass ceiling...that is if they have enough time after reading the enormous amount of copy in Shattered's pages. All 132 pages are chocked full of content. This one issue could have easily been two or three separate issues. Simply the amount of copy seen flipping through Shattered's pages is daunting and seems more like work than anything else. Again, this new launch may have a good idea, but the execution needs some work.


Traditional Lowriding
Cover Price: $5.99

As I have so often, magazines are becoming more and more niche-based every month. No longer are we seeing titles like The Saturday Evening Post or Life that hope to have something for everyone. A prime example of this shift is the newly launched Traditional Lowriding. It's not just a car magazine or even a lowriding magazine; instead this title has been created for individuals strictly interested in traditional lowrider cars. From the outset, this magazine does a wonderful job in design. Each of its two covers is striking and simple. That follows through onto the pages where the cars are the centerpiece of this publication. Wonderful photography is complimented by strong content and clean, concise copy. So if traditional low-riders interest you, make sure you pick up this new launch...or better yet, pick up both.


July 14, 2006


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