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Fashion LA
Cover Price: $4.95

Proving that size is not everything, Fashion LA is a digest size regional fashion publication reflecting the unique glamorous style of the LA fashion scene. With exposes on local designers and the latest local trends, Fashion LA has the concept of a regional publication a step further by focusing strictly on fashion. Over 160 local boutiques and stores are featured highlighting the look of Los Angeles. Articles on star styles, shopping, and runway reports further develop this magazine's niche. And of course being that this publication represents LA it is full of celebrity eye candy and style advice.        

HotWheels Magazine
Cover Price: $2.99

Hot Wheels Magazine is quarterly publication of the miniature cars we all loved growing up. This publication is filled with fun facts, games, cool stories and even a poster. Hot Wheels Magazine is for kids of all ages who are totally into hot wheels cars and everything else. Articles on new products, car design and car collecting are sure to appeal to the kids this magazine is targeting. I mean, who wouldn't like to know how to make their car race track go faster? Hot Wheels Magazine understands its niche and does a good job of providing fun and entertaining content for kids.    

The Sopranos
Cover Price: $11.99

If you recognize the names Big Puss, Paulie Walnuts and Uncle Junior then you know they are not just character names from a television show, they have become part of American pop culture. The Sopranos, The Book is another magazine trying to capitalize on the popularity of a television series. In today's media -savvy world it is not enough to have a successful television show or movie you must have a franchise brand that allows you to take full advantage of an entertainment vehicle's success. The Sopranos, The Book does just that by providing in-depth character bios and interviews with the actors of the popular show. This special collector's magazine details the critically acclaimed show's past six years. This publication is well done and carries a hefty price tag of $11.99 but provides the content to back up that price.


May 18, 2007


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