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The 30 Most Notable Launches: 2005

Launch of the Year
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In a field bombarded by information, surrounded by stuff, showered by catalogs and marketing gimmicks (from infomercials to do-it-yourself television programs) comes a magazine that provides a breath of fresh air, making home shopping not only a delight but also a comfortable experience. The way Domino is designed and presented takes away the chores of shopping, instead highlighting the joys of this great consumer pastime. Any time a magazine can make chores enjoyable it creates an addictive relationship with its audience. In a year where the word “copycat” aptly describes the mass of new magazines, Domino sets itself apart by identifying a trend within a trend and a niche within a niche, therefore floating to the top of this year’s launches as the cream of the crop. Being a domino player, I felt that when searching through all the domino tiles, Domino was the double six tile: the most coveted in the game. And why shouldn’t it be? With the backing of Conde Nast Publications and the experience Domino’s publishing company brings to the table, as well as its beautiful design and layout, this new launch is not only beautiful to flip through but a pleasure to read as well. Domino was launched in April with its Spring/Summer edition under publisher Beth Fuchs Brenner and editor Deborah Needleman. This title offers readers a “style-generous” magazine that fits in well with other Conde Nast publications such as GQ, Vogue and Vanity Fair. With its dangerous mix of style, content and a masterfully crafted unique selling feature, Domino will surely stand after all the others around her have fallen. No wonder they refer to it as the "different kind of home magazine that combines the best of 'shelter' and 'lifestyle'."

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